1. E-currency funding is final. You cannot request for a refund of your money once your e-currency account has been funded otherwise you will need to place a sell order to the company.

2. 9jaCASH ensures that all orders are settled within 2 hours except if there is any delay which could be as a result of long queues, customer’s verification process, bank transfers, or any other unforeseen circumstance. Customers who want a refund can do so only if 9jaCASH have not settled their order within 3 working days of payment.

3. Refund requests are subject to Admin’s approval. This can take between 2-3 working days and within this period, the customer is free to call back and stop the refund appeal.

4. If a customer places an order via our website to purchase an e-currency and we were unable to meet up with the demands of such a customer because of unavailability of the requested e-currency. We shall refund 100% of any payment made by the customer.

5. Refund can only take place if we did not complete the order in 3 working days. However, such a client will have to officially request for the refund of his/her money by contacting our support which must be done in writing.

6. Only VERIFIED customers can request for a refund.