Dear customers! Security of transactions can be compromised due to circumstances independent from our service. Note that you are responsible for whatever happens to your account after we fund it. We neither have access nor any device for accessing your account without your authorization. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR ACCOUNT, therefore we recommend that you read the following security recommendations:

  • Your Sensitive data like password, security questions and answers are strongly encrypted on our website and CANNOT be read or reminded by any one, not even a staff;
  • NEVER use the same password you use for your email to register on any other website, if you have used the same password, change your email password now and also change your e-currency Login details;
  • We Suggest different passwords of mixed letters, cases and numbers for different websites;
  • Be very careful when copying out any of our “Account Numbers” or “e-wallet addresses”. If you make mistake, you will be sending your money to an unknown account/wallet without the possibility of its return;
  • Please ensure that your e-currency accounts are not compromised before buying from us;
  • Always check your e-currency account history;
  • You may receive many phishing emails claiming to be from an e-currency, bank, us or any legitimate company. They’ll ask you to click a link and then enter your account login details. Even if they look like they are from the company, check the link and the ssl certificate very well, it may not be from the company. It is always better to contact the company directly and verify the email or sms. IT COULD BE FROM HACKERS;
  • Our services and similar services do not provide loans, do not take money from people under debt or interest, and do not accept donations. When receiving messages of suspicious nature on our behalf with details similar to our or other details, please refrain from the implementation of these requirements there and tell about what happened to our Support Service;
  • Ensure you have an active and updated Internet Security (Anti Virus);
  • Ensure to logout all your accounts if you use a public computer;
  • Never give anyone your sensitive details for them to help you.;
  • Do not save important login details or sensitive data on your computer, safer to write or print them out;

Taking care of your financial well-being.